Yr 5/6 Cricket Championships 2023 : RESULTS

11th June 2023

The Merton Borough Kwik-Cricket Championships took place on Friday 9th June 2023 at the Old Ruts Club, Merton Park.

20 teams competed in 4 groups of 5 teams with the group winners heading to the semi finals and subsequent placings matches.

13 sports leaders from Rutlish school officiated the fixtures and we are thankful for the team for giving their time to help on the day.

The groups were tightly contested with Wimbledon Chase, Pelham, Malmesbury and Poplar all winning their groups and earning a place in the semis. Wimbledon Chase overcame Pelham whilst Poplar pipped Malmesbury in two extremely well-battled semi finals. Congratulations to Malmesbury and Pelham who claimed a joint bronze for their efforts across the whole competitions.

With time pushing on in the day, the final didn’t begin until 3pm however, the accompanying teachers from Poplar and Wimbledon Chase were more than happy to see the final go ahead. Poplar managed to make 35 runs in their inning with Chase taking 3 wickets. Chase quickly added to their 15 runs with Poplar only able to take 1 wicket, leaving the final score at 40 – 71 in favour of Wimbledon Chase – Our 2023 best team cricket champions. Well done to both teams for playing in gruelling temperatures for a prolonged period of time and with such determination and quality throughout.

Thanks to following 20 teams for participating. We hope you had an enjoyable experience.

1 Wimbledon Chase

2 Poplar

3 Malmesbury

3 Pelham

SS Peter Paul, Liberty, All Saints, Morden, St Teresa, St John Fisher, Merton Park, Holy Trinity, Links, Aragon, St Mark, Garfield, St Matthew, Hatfeild, Joseph Hood, Hollymount.

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