Bespoke In School Impact Sessions

At Merton Inspire & Educate PE we understand that every school has differing needs and the structured courses offered in our brochure below may not suit all of your requirements.

Equipping all staff with skills and understanding

The whole school inset session may prove an ideal opportunity to ensure all your staff are confident and equipped to deliver the high-quality PE you expect.

Tailored to your school’s needs

Merton Inspire & Educate PE can provide your school with bespoke impact sessions that can be individually tailored to the specific needs of your school.

This way all of your staff can be provided with high-quality training in the same location using the equipment and facilities specifically available to your staff members.

Quality and consistency

Our impact sessions ensure quality and consistency right through each year group and minimise the inconvenience of staff release and travel as the learning is brought to you.

Whole school impact sessions could focus on: (This list is only a small sample of the kind of training that we can offer you)

  • Specific sports such as gym, dance, athletics, OAA or invasion games
  • Warm-up games and energisers
  • Curriculum provision and assessment
  • School development planning
  • Inclusive PE
  • Inspiring teaching assistants to support with PE
  • How to adapt PE and Sport for SEN/SEND pupils
  • Ofsted PE Deep Dive Preparation
  • TA PE Mentor Support


Prices start from £200 per hour (sessions are a minimum duration of 2 hours).

This price is for up to 20 staff members. More than 20 staff will cost an additional £50 per hour. To discuss Primary PE Impact Sessions in more detail please email

Lunchtime Supervisors Leadership and Activity Training

With the new curriculum focusing heavily on healthy and active lifestyles, this training provides a great opportunity to engage the less active pupils during their lunch breaks. This in house training is designed for your lunch time supervisors and support staff so that they feel confident to oversee a range of Change for Life Clubs during break times. We will work with your PE Coordinator to plan these sessions to best suit your staff, facilities and equipment. Furthermore, we can also tailor the training to ensure the staff utilise the sports leaders effectively to engage as many children as possible.


£200 (per 2hr session)

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