Football Leagues

Best Team 9 a side and Girls 7 a side Football Leagues.

Best 9-a-side

Group A - Cranmer, St. Thomas of Canterbury, St. Peter & Paul, St. Mark's Group B - Dundonald, Garfield, The Priory, Holy Trinity Group C - Hatfeild, St. Teresa's, Aragon, Morden Group D - St. John Fisher, Hollymount, Hillcross, St. Mary's

Girls 7-a-side

Group A - St. Teresa's, Cranmer, St. Peter & Paul Group B - St. Thomas of Canterbury, Bond, St. Mark's Group C - Aragon (Winners), Hatfeild, Morden Group D - Hillcross, Hollymount, St. Mary's, Holy Trinity

2022-2023 Champions 

Best Team – Dundonald

Girls – Hollymount


2023-24 Football League

For this season’s tournament, schools have been split into groups of no more than 4 based on location.

The group stages will now take place over the course of one afternoon at one host school, where teams will play round robin matches (Boys 9 a side, Girls 7 a side)

The winners from the group stages will be invited to Finals Day on Wednesday 26th June 2024 at Tooting and Mitcham FC where the winners from the group stages will play a knockout tournament to decide the overall winners of both the Best Team and Girl’s competitions.


League Tables will appear here..




Football is our national game, one that has the potential to ignite and fascinate millions of people across the world, and this group of children are on that journey. They might love playing, have a view to coach in the future or maybe referee and our role is to help them fulfil their dream and passion. If their love is for playing, this format of 9v9 provides the step in the game of football between Mini-Soccer and the full-size adult version, one that bridges the learning and progression of young people in an appropriate way. Part of The Football Association’s National Game Strategy is to develop ‘Better Players’ and it believes that 9v9 is the most appropriate format to do this within.

Our role as adults is to facilitate a learning environment that enables children to play football and fall in love with the game. However, when you listen to young children about why they play football the reasons they provide are often different from those that adults assume. The Football Association has conducted research with groups of children across the whole country and the top six reasons why children play football are highlighted below:

  • Trying my hardest is more important to me than winning
  • I love playing football because it’s fun It helps keep me fit and healthy
  • I like meeting new friends through football
  • It’s a really good game and I love it I like playing with my friends.
  • Adult values and children’s values are quite different about what they want from their football experience.

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