PE Resources

MSSP have developed a range of resources to support school staff and parents with the planning and delivery of PE, Physical Activity and Sport. Please visit our YouTube page to access video resources.

Primary PE Schemes of Work 

Our Key Stage 1 and 2 Schemes of Work will support primary school teachers to plan and deliver a range of progressive and active PE lessons which inspire and engage all of their students. Each Unit of Work provides six example session plans which link clearly to the learning objectives across the unit and to our holistic assessment matrix. For each of the six sessions, teaching points, differentiation, vocabulary and questions are included to bring out the learning and to progress students within the session. The Games Appendices and Glossaries help to explain the games and terminology used in each Scheme of Work. In some Schemes, additional resources are provided such as music, videos and photographs to support the teacher further.

For Early Years teachers we have produced a separate Scheme of Work which has 32 Activity Cards to support Physical Development as well as guidance on the ‘Early Learning Goals’ linked to Physical Activity. Find out more here.


Home PE with MSSP

Home PE with MSSP Lessons are an online resource created by Merton School Sport Partnership for schools and individuals to use as a way to stay active at home. The resource consists of a PDF lesson plan, activity worksheet and an online video. 

The accompanying videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

You can also visit our YouTube channel where you will find over 100 daily challenges for you to take part in.

Have FUN, Be ACTIVE and Stay SAFE

We want you to stay active and healthy and keep developing your physical skills whilst you are at home school.

We want you all to try your hardest and think of your own creative ways to complete the challenges, or even think of your own activities for us to share with you all. Parents, if you think your child is doing well by taking part and trying their hardest you may like to click here and print out a participation certificate for them to reward their determination, creativity and effort.

To watch the Home PE with MSSP Daily Challenge please click the link below.

Types of activities

Each day our Partnership team of sports coaches will send a very basic home video with an idea for an activity. These will be games, skills, thinking challenges and team work activities that follow the following weekly plan to give all participants a varied range of challenges:

 Movement Mondays: Agility/Balance/Travelling/Co-ordination/Body Control

 Target Tuesdays: Accuracy/Object Control/Skill based

 Workout Wednesdays: Strength/Stamina/Fitness/Speed/Flexibility

 Thoughtful Thursdays: Mindfulness/Cooperation/Creativity/Strategy

 Festival Fridays: A task based around our school games competitions/festival calendar

Some of these activities will raise your pulse more than others. Some will be repeated later on in the term. You may like to change them to better suit your ability and we will try to give you ideas to make it easier or harder. You might have to improvise with random household items, just be careful not to break anything and check with your adult that it is safe first.

Every day you should try to raise your pulse for around an hour in total. This may sometimes be during one of our activities but, when it’s not, you can still do pulse raising activities for yourself. Being active is so important for us all, especially when you are young, so keep moving every day.

What is a Pulse Raiser?

A pulse raiser is an activity that raises the heart rate, increasing blood flow through active muscle, and raises body temperature

For more on pulse raiser activities see the information below and follow the link to other Physical Activity Resources that might help.

How to take part:

  1. Download thePDF versionor Word version of the weekly activity tracker from our website.
  2. Complete your name, class, year group and school at the top and add the date for Monday of that week.
  3. Check with your parent or adult in charge at home that you are fit and healthy to take part in any activity before you start.
  4. Watch our HOME PE with MSSP Daily Challenges with your adult. You can watch this on:

  1. Check with your adult that you are able to do the activity safelyin your home space and that it’s not too challenging for you physically. We are all different and you may need to adjust the activity to suit your body and ability. Your adult will need to check the way you to the activity or the technique is correct and won’t cause you any harm.
  2. Ask your adult or siblings to join in with you if they can.
  3. Go back to your activity trackerand write about the activity for example; what did you do, was it fun, how did you get on? You may also wish to add any other activities you have done today.
  4. It is important to be active everyday so you can choose other activities as well as our challenges. Try to do this every day if you can.
  5. Once the activity tracker has been completed you can download and print aparticipation certificate
  6. If your adults would like to, they can also ‘like’ us on twitter @mertonsspusing the hashtags #homepewithmssp #StayHomeStayActive and leave comments and pictures on our Twitter feed or on your own school’s Twitter page. We would love to see how active you are being and what great ideas you have.


You can always add your own activities during the holidays and weekends too – check out our website via for lots of links to other activities but make sure you get your adult’s permission first.

Be safe…

If you have a really good idea you can pass this onto your school via email or you could ask your adult if you can post this on twitter.

Parents and Carers – You may like to check out your school’s internet safety advice to help you when talking to your children about online safety:

Please Remember:

  • Never give your personal details over social media/internet – for example name, age, home address, email, phone number. Anyone in the world may have access to this.
  • Anything you post will be there forever for anyone to see.
  • Will you be happy with this in ten years’ time?
  • Make sure you keep things positive and avoid making anything personal about other people.
  • Your parent or carer MUST give permission and manage the content being uploaded.

For more detailed advice please see:

NSPCC’s online safety pages and Childline’s online and mobile safety.

All this and more about online safety and social media can be found via the CPSU link:

Child Protection in Sport Unit – Online Safety

Not from a Merton school?

If you aren’t from a Merton school no problem, you can still do the activities and send them to your own school or post your photos and videos on our twitter feed. Your own school might even like to set a challenge and competition for you. Ask them to get in touch with us if they’d like more info.

General Data Protection Regulations

MSSP will not collect or retain any individual child responses or data. The tracker sheets should only be sent to your own school via a secure email. They should not be posted online as they contain personal details.

Merton School Sport Partnership (MSSP) – Activity Liability Disclaimer

By undertaking the activities produced by MSSP or by other bodies that MSSP has provided a link to, you agree that the replication of anything seen is done so entirely at your own risk.

In the planning and production of our Home PE Activity Video’s as well as any other physical challenges listed on our website and newsletter content, MSSP has endeavoured to meet current health and safety guidelines. However parental/primary caregiver permission must be given to a child before they commence any of these activities. This includes the use of different household items or sporting equipment within an activity, as well as the suitability of space that they are active in.

MSSP also reserves the right to remove any information or material on the Website without warning, and without prejudice to any other accrued rights, and/or make available such information or material when required to do so by law or when requested to do so by regulatory bodies or law enforcement organisations.

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