Physical Activity

Children and young people should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous intensity physical activity a day

Physical Activity – 30 minutes per day IDEAS!

How to help your children be physically active throughout the school day and beyond:

Merton School Sports Partnership YouTube Channel

Short session to help children burn off energy and refocus their attention

Active Classrooms

Lessons to include movement to reduce sitting time and increase engagement of pupils

Extra curricular Clubs

Active travel

Active Family time

  • Send active homework to engage parents and siblings
  • Family challenges across the whole school
  • TOPYA App –

National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) Support materials

Physical Activity (NHSP): Booklet A

Physical Activity (NHSP): Booklet B

Physical activity criteria map

Public Health England: ‘What works’ Briefing

What Works in Schools and Colleges to Increase Physical Activity? A briefing for head teachers, college principals, staff working in education settings, directors of public health and wider partners

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