Rounders Borough Champs

21st June 2024

12 Merton schools turned out for the Rounders Borough Champs at the RPHS Westway sports ground today.

Teams played in two round robin leagues throughout the day. As the games went on, the children massively progressed their skills, team work and understanding of the sometimes complex rounders rules! They kept focussed in spite of the hot weather and everyone played their best, supporting their team mates and putting more tactics and strategies in places as they made their way into the finals round.

In the finals round each team played their equivalent placed team from the other league. All of these matches were closely contested, especially 1st & 2nd and 3rd and 4th playoffs.

Wimbledon Chase worked well as a team and showed off their skills throughout the day, learning as they went along and this showed as they made it to the 3/4 playoffs. They narrowly missed out on a medal as Pelham Primary remained calm and took charge, winning Bronze overall.

Poplar batted first against Bishop Gilpin in the final match. Both teams demonstrated great key skills in batting and fielding as well as sound tactics and decision making, they remained very focussed, supportive of one another and determined to do their best. It could have gone either way but Bishop Gilpin just pipped Poplar to the post with a score of 13.5 (BG) – 13 (Pop). A nail bitter for all involved. Very well done to both teams, they prepared very well for the competition and gave it their best on the day.

The tournament provided an opportunity for the children to demonstrate lots of great resilience, team work, empathy and support for one another as well as fair play and respect to all. Holy Trinity were awarded the REFSPECT award from their fellow teams for such an excellent display of these behaviours throughout the day. Jenson, from SS Peter & Paul was also awarded a REFSPECT award as he kindly played for another team throughout the day, what a legend!

Thank you to Claire and Raynes Park High School for allowing us to use their playing field today and to all the teachers for preparing and bringing their teams a long.

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