KS2 Cross Country Festival

22nd September 2023

9 schools took on the challenge of MSSP’s first event of the academic year – The KS2 Cross Country Festival at Morden Leisure Centre. Our runners navigated the 1km course filled with obstacles such as the cone minefield, slalom, agility ladders and quoit balancing.

It was fantastic to see so many children enjoying being active. Some enjoyed it so much, they decided to go around twice!

Congratulations who Abbotsbury Primary School who were crowned our first REFSPECT winners of 2023-24.

Well done and thank you to each of the schools and individuals for taking part in our first event of the year:

All Saints, Joseph Hood, Aragon, St. Peter and Paul, Abbotsbury, Singlegate, Hatfeild, St. Thomas of Canterbury and Poplar.


The MSSP Team

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