Borough Primary Athletics Championships 2023

19th June 2023

Friday 16th June 2023 saw MSSP host the Primary Athletics Championships for the first time in 24 months. The 2022 edition had to be cancelled due to the severe heat conditions but we were tremendously excited to be back this year with 20 teams all eager to do well over the track and field events at Raynes Park High School Sports Ground.


240 pupils took part across the whole day with each participant entering 1 track event, 1 field event and the team relay.

The day began with 10 x 600m races for both boys and girls across 5 allocated groups. This format continued in a carousel of field events in shot, dicus, vortex throw, standing long jump and standing triple jump as well as the 80m and 150m sprints.

The relays were the last event of the day but carried the most excitement as all individuals took one of 6 legs each around the 400m grass track.

The schools and teams crested such an atmosphere and a perfect end to the day was completed with a medal and trophy presentation under the glorious afternoon sunshine.

Thank you to all our year 12 sports leaders from RPHS for assisting the events on the day and to Miss McCourt for facilitating the leaders to be able to help.

Well done to all our individual winners, runners up and third place finishers, a list of which can be found below, and a special congratulations to our overall team winners St Peter and St Paul for topping the point standings at the end of the day. Bishop Gilpin claimed Silver with a tie for third place between Hollymount and Poplar.


Track Events Gold Silver Bronze
Boys Daniel George Jacob
  Bishop Gilpin Wim Park St Teresa’s
Girls Sofia Charlotte Zara
  Holy Trinity Hollymount Bishop Gilpin
Boys Elijah Ethan Nick
  Holy Trinity SSPP Joseph Hood
Girls Pixie Arianna Natalia
  Hollymount Wim Park St Teresa
Boys Henry Juells Kemal
  Holy Trinity West Wimbledon Haslemere
Girls Amelia Harmony Sonia
  SSPP Hollymount Pelham
Boys SSPP Holy Trinity Hollymount
Girls Bishop Gilpin Hollymount Holy Trinity



Field Events Gold Silver Bronze
Standing Triple Jump      
Boys Ethan Seph Elijah
  SSPP Lonesome St Teresa
Girls Amelia Ava Amira
  SSPP West Wimbledon Haslemere
Boys Zac Joshua Mattias
  Bishop Gilpin SSPP Poplar
Girls Sophie Teriah Emantha
  Wimbledon Park Garfield Joseph Hood
Boys Alex Nikolai
  Bishop Gilpin Pelham Wimbledon Park
Girls Arianna Harmony Anna
  Wimbledon Park Hollymount Bishop Gilpin
Long Jump
Boys Finn Nikolas Artemy
  Poplar Holy Trinity Garfield
Girls Jessica Gemima Cary
  Poplar St Thomas Pelham
Vortex Howler Throw
Boys Guille Shun Marcus
  Pelham Bishop Gilpin Bishop Gilpin
Girls Zara Gracie Sasha
  Bishop Gilpin Pelham St John Fisher


Thanks to the following teams for taking part and to our individual group winners (in bold):

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Bishop Gilpin Poplar Hollymount St Peter St Paul St Thomas
Wimbledon Park Morden Joseph Hood Haslemere Merton Abbey
Holy Trinity St John Fisher Wimbledon Chase Lonesome Liberty
Pelham West Wimbledon St Teresa St Mark Garfield


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