Boccia Championships 2023

30th January 2023

Our annual MSSP Boccia competition took place on Friday 27th January 2023 at the Harris Academy Morden sports hall facilities.

We were graced with our largest ever boccia tournament turnout with an almighty 32 teams taking part over 2 sessions of 16 in each! Thanks to each team and particularly the teachers and PE Cos from each school for enabling their pupils to participate in such an occasion.

“The game of Boccia is totally inclusive and can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or disability. It is a game of skill and subtlety. Physical strength is not key to playing boccia; accuracy and strategy are more important. The sport of boccia requires the athletes to work closely as a team and communicating and encouraging is key to success. Due to the mixed disability groups that play Boccia, it exposes athletes to a range of disabilities and empowers athletes to make decisions.

Teachers find that Boccia is a sport that can be tailored specifically for the young people‚Äôs needs; building on team work and introducing competitive elements for them to develop tactical awareness. Participants can take on various roles such as scoring, coaching and umpiring. Playing boccia encourages children to interact with their peers, allowing them to develop new physical skills, communication and confidence.” School Games, Boccia England.

Our morning and afternoon events took place across 4 courts with each group consisting of 4 teams. Teams play 3 group games of boccia which then lead to a final 2 rounds of placings matches verse like-placed teams from the group stages. Each boccia game was made up of 2 Ends with the score being added together from both ends tallying the final score.

Merton SSP were delighted to be joined by 2 sets of 8 sports leaders from Poplar Primary and St Teresa’s Primary. These leaders from Year 5 and 6 were in charge of scoring and umpiring the matches and did a fantastic job with such focus and concentration throughout the day. Sports Leaders play a key role in enabling MSSP to run large scale events. We’re thankful for all our schools who are able to provide young leaders from Merton school to support us and trust these experiences will boost participation and retention in sport and physical activity as pupils transitions from primary to secondary and beyond.

Thank you to the 32 teams for your efforts this year. Our standings for both sessions are as follows:


1 Hatfeild A

2 Links

3 Morden A

St Thomas



St Teresa


St Mark

Morden B

Perseid Lower

SS Peter and Paul

Hatfeild B

Morden C




1 Sacred Heart

2 Hillcross A

3 Merton Abbey B

St Matthew

Poplar B

Stanford A

Poplar A



Poplar C

Joseph Hood

Merton Abbey A

Hillcross B

Merton Park

All Saints

Stanford B

Well done to our 6 schools who finished in the medals, in particular, Sacred Heard and Hatfeild who were named champions for 2023!

We hope to hear schools have continued with sports such as Boccia back in their schools for the rest of the year. We look forward to 2024 already!

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