Tennis Inclusive Festival KS2


All England Club Community Sports Ground (AELTC)

216 Grand Drive Raynes Park SW20 9NB

Competition date

29th Apr 2024 @ 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Team requirements

  • Age: KS2 
  • Mixed gender event.   
  • Squad Size: Maximum of 6 players in a squad.  
  • Pupils with SEND or those identified as the least active should be prioritised by schools when selecting a squad.
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Inclusive Festival

Competition type

Competitions and Festivals

Morning session (10am-12noon)


Afternoon session (12.30pm-2.30pm)

Upon registration, in the comments box, please indicate which session you would prefer to attend. Although we cannot guarantee your preference, we will do our best to accommodate this.

Event Eligibility

  • This is an Inclusive Festival event with an emphasis on fun, participation and getting active.
  • This event will be held indoors on a hard court surface.
  • We endeavour to design our Festivals to be accessible and enjoyable for SEND participants. Please let us know if you plan to bring children with either communication and interaction needs, cognition and learning difficulties, social, emotional and mental health difficulties or sensory and physical needs. We will be mindful when shaping our festivals to amend activities to suit any participants with these needs and impairments.
  • Specific SEND inclusivity details on how we approach each of our inclusive festivals and competitions can be found via our Inclusion page on this site.

Team Requirements & Eligibility

  • Age: KS2 
  • Mixed gender event.   
  • Squad Size: Maximum of 6 players in a squad.  
  • Pupils with SEND or those identified as the least active should be prioritised by schools when selecting a squad.

Kit & Equipment

  • No jewellery.  
  • Suitable trainers to be worn.
  • All other sport specific equipment will be provided on the day.
  • No food or drink to be consumed within the AELTC Domes.

Staffing and Spectators 

Spectators will not be permitted entry to private sports facilities. Primary schools must inform parents in advance when inviting students to take part.  All staff attending the event must have enhanced DBS clearance and have been fully vetted by their primary school. DBS numbers, full name and school will be required in advance by the host school.


  • Teams to rotate around 8 stations throughout the session.
  • Teams will meet other schools at each station and play alongside, against or with that school to complete the tennis tasks.
  • When waiting for a turn, players must remain behind the safety lines, giving space to the current player and reducing risk of tennis racket injury.  

Competition Format 

  • There will be no competitive results recorded for this event. 
  • There will be 8 stations.
  • Each team will play all stations.
  • The following games will be played (not necessarily in this order): 
  1. Ten Pin Tennis 
  2. The Wall  
  3. Generation Game  
  4. Connect  
  5. Target Tennis 
  6. Slalom Tennis 
  7. Snakes and Ladders 
  8. Sitting Volleyball

Draw Format

  • Schools will be drawn as either an inner or outer school and will be told what direction to travel around the carousel on the day.   


  • REFSPECT winners – Certificate.
  • Participation certificates will be presented to all participants. 


  • Results and event report will be available on the news webpage within 24 hours of the event ending. 

Winner’s Pathway 

There is currently no planned pathway for this event.

MSSP Duty of Care 

MSSP have a duty to take all measures that are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure the health, safety, wellbeing and welfare of all participants and any other attendees involved in the relevant event. MSSP have tried to ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken in its duty of care being discharged, and to the requisite standard of care, MSSP have ensured the following guidance and actions have been adhered to and carried out: 

  • That the advice of the UK Government and public health authorities has been followed 
  • That the bespoke guidance and protocols issued by the relevant NGB, federation and/or umbrella organisation (if applicable) have been followed. 

Safeguarding and DBS 

MSSP acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and the requirements of the Partnership’s host organisation, the Harris Federation. 

We recognise that the welfare and interests of children are paramount in all circumstances. We aim to ensure that regardless of age, ability or disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, socio-economic background, all children and young leaders: 

  • have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport or physical activity at MSSP events in a safe and child centred environment
  • are protected from abuse whilst participating or officiating at MSSP events 

All MSSP staff at the event are fully vetted and enhanced DBS checked. It is the schools’ responsibility to ensure any staff and volunteers who attend the event comply with the host venue safeguarding and welfare policy and can provide documentation to support this on request.  

Spectators will not be permitted entry to school/private sports facilities and should be informed of this when letters are sent to parents. In order to safeguard children at our events, we will only allow entry to parents if they have been DBS checked and vetted through safer recruitment procedures and authorised to attend by your school. The school will maintain responsible for them at all times. At public sites such as parks we will section off an area for the public where parents that are not with the school party may spectate from. 

For more information regarding MSSP’s safeguarding, please click here 

If you have any concerns about a child at our event please make sure you say something. The MSSP safeguarding team contact details will be on display at all events or for more information on who to speak to please click here 

Please see attached Risk Assessment in the ‘Resources’ sections for event specific planning and considerations.


MSSP values the contributions by all those involved in making our events a FUN, safe and enjoyable environment for children to take part in sport. To ensure our events continue to be successful we promote our REFSPECT campaign. We expect everyone attending our events to maintain respect for the rules, officials, opponents, teammates and themselves. Only designated staff and volunteers will be allowed on the side-lines. All spectators are to remain behind the barriers, providing positive support and encouraging a fun and fair event.  

For more information about REFSPECT and codes of conduct for attendance at our events, please click here

If any staff, adults or children are deemed to be in breach of our REFSPECT codes of conduct they will be asked to leave the event and the Head Teacher of the relevant school will be informed immediately.

Photo Consent 

Photographs will be taken at this event by staff members from MSSP and may be used for promotional material. If you have any children that do not have permission to be photographed, please inform a member of staff before the start of the event. 

Please ensure your school only take photographs of their own students and do not share any photos of other children on social media without consent from that school.  

Social Media 

For information and updates from our events, please follow and use the platforms below.

X Twitter:


First Aid 

MSSP will have a basic first aid kit and qualified person at all events but will not be available to tend to less urgent first aid, as they will be delivering the event. As part of the school’s risk assessment a qualified first aider should be with the school team at all times (including travel) to tend to their children during the event.  

Comments, Compliments and Complaints 

MSSP aims to deliver a first-class service to all of its stakeholders. We see all feedback, whether good or bad, as a valuable way for us to learn and improve. Therefore, we welcome all comments, compliments and complaints. For further details, please click here

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