Questions for the Sporting Star

How did you get involved in this sport / activity?

I have enjoyed being in the water from a young age and my parents encouraged me to get involved in swimming.

Why do you feel you have been so successful and what obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals?

I have trained really hard over the last five years, attending four sessions per week. I am very committed and always strive to improve my strokes and achieve personal best times.

Has anyone helped you to get to get there or inspired you?

My Uncle Jared was an excellent swimmer and he inspired me to train hard and aim high. Michael Phelps has also inspired me to keep improving and never give up.

Tell us how it felt to work so hard and to do so well at something?

It feels rewarding to achieve good times knowing how much hard work and training is required. I always want to improve and know that I must be dedicated and work hard.

What you would like to do or achieve next?

I would like to move up to the Regional Squad at my swimming club. When I start at Whitgift School later this year, I want to use my swimming to take part in Biathlons and Triathlons. I would really like to do well at the next Surrey Championship and win medals.

Sporting career highlights/honours:

Making the final of the U11's 200m Baskstroke at the Surrey Swimming Championships.

Winning the Freestyle at the Merton Swimming Championships.

Consistently achieving personal best times.