Questions for the Sporting Star

How did you get involved in this sport / activity?

I began rowing with my school at the beginning of year 7. It was an indoor rowing club where we practised on the Concept 2 Ergo. I really enjoyed it and figured out I wasn't that bad at it! I eventually got an Ergo at home and started training with my dad every weekend. It is really cool to share an interest in something with your dad that you can do together.

Why do you feel you have been so successful and what obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals?

I have a very tight schedule because of school and my other sports like swimming (which I already did four times a week back then) and practising the piano. I do a lot of sports which I love doing but I think that by doing rowing I am achieving a lot.

Has anyone helped you to get to get there or inspired you?

My rowing teacher at school is very surpoortive and inspiring because she went to the Olympics. The rest of my school are also very encouraging, my friends have always encouraged me to try and achieve my goals.

Tell us how it felt to work so hard and to do so well at something?

It feels amazing because you feel like all your hard work is paying off and your finally getting something back for all the long hours of training.

What you would like to do or achieve next?

I would like to compete in (and win) rowing on the water with my school's boat club.

Sporting career highlights/honours:

At the British Indoor Rowing Competition I came first in the Year 7 category which felt awesome because it was my first competition and I had been rowing for a very short amount of time.

In the South of England Rowing Championships I raced in the J16 2000m Ergo and I beat the British Record and it was one of the most amazing feelings, I also won a GDST medal for the same race.