Questions for the Sporting Star

How did you get involved in this sport / activity?

I wanted to try a new sport, something different from the normal, so I tried Kickboxing when I was six years old.

Why do you feel you have been so successful and what obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals?

 I overcame my shyness by making good friends and increasing my training over the years, I work very hard and listen and learn from my coaches.

Has anyone helped you to get to get there or inspired you?

Rachel and Craig Harrington are my coaches and have both been an inspiration to me and have always supported me over the 5 years I’ve been training.

Tell us how it felt to work so hard and to do so well at something?

Over the five years I’ve been training, I have improved my fitness and skills. It really wasn’t easy at the start, I had to train very hard to get my balance and flexibility so that my kicks and punches are effective. I just feels so right now doing the different moves.

What you would like to do or achieve next?

I would like to fight well for my country in the World Championships and make my team and family proud.

Sporting career highlights/honours:

W.K.K.C National Champion 2018 11-12yrs +50kg (Advanced)

I.S.K.A National Champion 2017 -12yrs, +45kg (Advanced)

Irish Open 2016 Silver Medal 9-10yrs (Novice)

ICO British Open U12’s Champion 2018 – Gold Medal