Merton Inspire & Educate PE provides schools with highly-experienced PE professionals to deliver PE lessons during PPA time.

Specialists you can trust

Consistency of staff is key so we will provide you with the same specialist each week to leave you feeling confident that progressive, structured learning is being achieved in PE.

Why use Merton Inspire & Educate PE?

Here are some of the benefits of using Merton Inspire & Educate PE for PE PPA cover:

  • Over 87 units of work are available to our coaches to ensure structured, progressive lesson planning and assessment.
  • PE sessions are delivered by experts guaranteed to engage and challenge all students and improve correct technique.
  • A curriculum map has been designed which schools can follow and tailor to suit their needs.
  • With unbiased links to every local reputable sports club, children with interest or talent will be directed to high-quality clubs to ensure they make the most out of their talent and enthusiasm. PE specialists can also assist schools in selecting teams for inter-school competitions.
  • Intra-competition will be delivered each half-term to ensure all children take part in a Level 1 competition.
  • Guaranteed cover of absence by another Merton Inspire & Educate PE member of staff.
  • Coaches are observed termly for their own CPD and this feedback is available to the school.

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For more information and costs, please contact or call 07927896062.

hours of high-quality PE sessions we deliver every week to cover PPA
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