Home PE with MSSP is an online resource created by Merton School Sport Partnership for schools and individuals to use as a way to stay active at home. All of the video challenges can be found on our youtube channel

 Here are some fun physical activities you can try at home with your children


Here are some simple wellbeing activities you can try at home with your children

Breathing Ball

Stand or sit with legs and feet together. Bring your palms together in front of your chest.
Keep your fingertips together as you pull your palms apart, forming a ball with your fingers.
Press your fingertips together until you feel the muscles in your hands and arms activating.
See if you feel your core tighten too.
Now close your eyes and as you breathe in, inflate your ball and as you breathe out, flatten the ball by pushing your palms together. (Then repeat these instructions for 60 seconds).

Animal Yoga

Scavenger Hunts

Keep up your spirits by setting these scavenger hunt challenges.
They can be done indoors or outside. 
Can you get your children to make up their own scavenger hunt challenge?