The Merton Schools Sports Partnership has been delighted to get back to supporting the development of our new cohort of Merton ECT staff this academic year in person. MSSP have delivered a series of 4 bespoke afternoon PE Development Workshops. Each of these practical workshops have been carefully designed to give staff a fantastic opportunity to share best practice and learn from PE specialists covering Health and Safety, organisational aspects of teaching curriculum PE, and practical assessment, as guided by AfPE. 

In the first of our PE development workshops that we ran back on the 20th of January 2022, ECT staff were put through a series of engaging and progressive warm up activities, as well as trying out a series of skill focussed games that could be easily adapted for many different invasion games. In addition to this, staff were challenged in how they could apply the STEP principle (Space / Time / Task / Equipment / People) to adapt certain skill development activities for learners of different abilities. 

In session 2 that took place on the 24th of March 2022, the workshop was centred around the theme of Inclusive PE and Teambuilding. In the first part of the session, ECT staff were given the experience of how to deliver and incorporate a wide variety of different inclusive PE activities within their own PE lessons when back at school. These activities included: New Age Kirling, Boccia, Seated Volleyball and Goalball to name but a few. In the second part of the session, the staff were shown how to incorporate a series of different active team building games and tasks within their PE lessons or classrooms to help facilitate children in developing their teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication skills. 

The third of our PE development workshops took place on the 21st of April 2022, and this workshop was focussed on Gymnastics teaching skills. Merton ECT staff were put through their paces by MSSP and British Gymnastics Specialist Coach Gary Kirby, with the session carefully designed to give confidence to the staff in how they can safely teach and support some of the more technical elements of the sport, such as rolling and jumping skills in a user friendly and progressive format. This workshop was also centred around MSSP’s newly redeveloped Primary Gymnastics Scheme of Work. ECTs were given a brief tutorial in how best to maximise the effectiveness of this resource and its accompanying skill videos when planning their PE lessons back at school. 

The final of our 4 ECT PE Development Workshops will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 16th June 2022, with this session being focused on Dance. Our specialist dance educator Faye Rettie will be showing the staff how they can create a progressive and fun 6 week block of lessons using a variety of different themes and cross curricular topics. With over 38 Merton ECT's attending each of the past 3 workshops, this final session of the series should be a fantastic finish to the academic year. 

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