Football is our national game, one that has the potential to ignite and fascinate millions of people across the world, and this group of children are on that journey. They might love playing, have a view to coach in the future or maybe referee and our role is to help them fulfi l their dream and passion. If their love is for playing, this format of 9v9 provides the step in the game of football between Mini-Soccer and the full-size adult version, one that bridges the learning and progression of young people in an appropriate way. Part of The Football Association’s National Game Strategy is to develop ‘Better Players’ and it believes that 9v9 is the most appropriate format to do this within.

Our role as adults is to facilitate a learning environment that enables children to play football and fall in love with the game. However, when you listen to young children about why they play football the reasons they provide are often different from those that adults assume. The Football Association has conducted research with groups of children across the whole country and the top six reasons why children play football are highlighted below:

  • Trying my hardest is more important to me than winning
  • I love playing football because it’s fun It helps keep me fit and healthy
  • I like meeting new friends through football
  • It’s a really good game and I love it I like playing with my friends.
  • Adult values and children’s values are quite different about what they want from their football experience.

9 a side Football League Team Requirements and Eligibility

  • Age: Year 5 & 6
  • Mixed gender event. A team may be comprised of all boys, all girls or a mixed gender team.
  • Squad Size: No maximum squad numbers
  • 9 players on the pitch at any time (one of which will be the goal keeper).

You can enter this competition by following this link

7 a side Girls Football League Team Requirements and Eligibility

  • Age: Year 5 & 6
  • Girls Only
  • Squad Size: No maximum squad numbers
  • 7 players on the pitch at any time (one of which will be the goal keeper).

You can enter this competition by following this link

Competition Format

  • Points awarded are: 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.
  • Group placing determined by: points accrued, goal difference, goals scored, head to head result (if 2 teams).
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Draw Format

  • Round robin cluster groups. After the cluster league fixtures are complete, the team finishing in first place will progress to a semi-final against another league winner. The winners of the semi-finals will progress to a final match to determine the overall winner. 


  • Medals: GOLD and Trophy: winners. SILVER: runners-up. 

Kit and Equipment

  • Please provide own warm up balls. Match balls are provided by the home team.
  • Trainers/astro and moulded boots are allowed. No metal blades or studded boots will be permitted on astroturf.
  • Shin pads are compulsory.
  • Players of the same team should wear the same colour tops/bibs. No jewellery, baseball caps etc. It is advised that if eyewear is essential, it should be made from plastic rather than glass.


  • The ball should be size 4 for U11 – U12. It should be safe and made of leather or other suitable material.
  • Referees shall be agreed upon by participating schools.
  • Offside will be enforced and normal FA Laws will apply. 


Please email any disputes to [email protected]


Fixtures will be put on the website when the registration is complete. Any fixture changes that are required need to be confirmed by both schools at least 1 WEEK before the scheduled fixture date.

Host schools- please send any information required in relation to match days (parents, safeguarding requirements, pitch surface, kick off times and reserve days for hosting)

Please keep in regular contact with each other to ensure the league runs as smoothly as possible. It is the responsibility of the schools to discuss team colours when they are organising their fixtures. In the event of a kit clash, the home team would be required to provide a different colour set of bibs. Scores must be sent to [email protected] by Monday 5pm after the game so league positions are up to date.

If for some reason the host school cannot provide a pitch for a guest fixture, it is the responsibility of the 2 guest schools to find an alternative venue. The council have pitches available for hire (

Photo Consent

Photographs will be taken at this event by staff members from MSSP and may be used for promotional material. If you have any children that do not have permission to be photographed, please inform a member of staff before the start of the event.

Social Media

For information and updates from the football league please visit the wesite

First Aid

It is important that schools also provide their own first aid kit and qualified person to tend to their children at our events. As part of the school’s risk assessment a qualified first aider should also be with the travelling group to and from any events.

Safeguarding and DBS

It is the schools’ responsibility to ensure any staff and volunteers who attend the event comply with the host venue safeguarding and welfare policy and can provide documentation to support this on request.


MSSP values the contributions by all those involved in making our events a safe, enjoyable environment for children to take part in sport. To ensure our events continue to be successful we promote our REF-SPECT campaign. We expect everyone attending our events to maintain respect for the rules, officials, opponents, teammates and themselves. Only designated staff and volunteers will be allowed on the side-lines. All spectators are to provide positive support and encourage a fun and fair event.

For more information about REF-SPECT please click here.