The Wimbledon Cluster Y56 Best Team Football Competition took place on the 3rd December 2019. We were treated a mild day but with the sun shining all competition long! There were 18 teams representing 10 schools in the Wimbledon Cluster, they were placed in 3 groups of 6 teams, the top four teams would qualify for the Borough Finals and represent the Wimbledon Cluster.

Group A

Wimbledon Chase A


Pelham A

Wimbledon Park B

Dundonald B

Holy Trinity A


Wimbledon Chase A turned up the heat in this group, winning all their first 4 matches, however Dundonald B who had lost every game up until this point albeit by one goal in each game, they managed to score the only goal of the game to claim their first win, excellent perseverance Dundonald B!!. Second place could have gone to three teams as it was very close, but Garfield managed to sneak a point ahead and take second spot by playing some excellent attacking play led by their very skilful striker who made the hard things look incredibly easy.


Group B


Bishop Gilpin A

All Saints A

The Priory

Wimbledon Chase B

Holy Trinity B

Bishop Gilpin B


It was tight for top spot in this group, in fact 1st – 3rd were only separated by 2 points, Wimbledon Chase B managed to scrape the draw they needed in their last game to beat Bishop Gilpin A to 1st place in the group, BG having to settle for 2nd. The Priory could only draw their last game, which ultimately ended with them just missing out on the top two positions and finishing 3rd. All Saints B & Holy Trinity B may not have got too many points, but they certainly conceded few goals, mean defences for these teams stopped other teams scoring lots of goals past them.


Group C


Wimbledon Park A

Dundonald A

Bishop Gilpin C

Pelham B

All Saints B

Wimbledon Chase C


This group saw Dundonald remain undefeated, winning all their games bar one in which Bishop Gilpin C held them to a very credible 1-1. It was very tight for the other positions in the group, everyone was beating each other but unable to string more than one win together. All Saints, through a quick free kick and a brilliant dink finish got the win they needed to finish second in the group.


Teams were then placed into mini groups depending on where they finished in their initial group. If you finished first you became either A1, B1 or C1 etc, they would play each other to determine the final position of the teams, so two extra fixtures for the children to enjoy with a bit of competition to go with it.

Now the teams were playing against teams who finished in the same position as them from the different groups the scores were a lot closer, it was becoming harder to score and the results were either small wins for one team or lots of 0-0 draws from very good defensive sides.

 Ultimately in the battle for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, it was very close, Wimbledon Chase B lost a very tight to their rivals Wimbledon Chase A 1-0, however Dundonald then went and beat Wim Chase A 1-0, meaning it came down to the last game, and any one of the tree teams could have won the GOLD. It was a tight and nervy 6-minute final game, Dundonald came close to scoring several times, but the Wim Chase defence held firm and the game finished 0-0. Wit this results it meant Dundonald A had one more point than the rest and would finish the day as Wimbledon Cluster Winners and take home the GOLD certificates, well done to that team!!

Overall Standings

1st Dundonald A

2nd Wimbledon Chase A

3rd Wimbledon Chase B

4th Garfield

5th Bishop Gilpin A & All Saints A (BG go through to the finals on goals scored)

7th The Priory

8th Wimbledon Chase C

9th Wimbledon Park B

10th Pelham A

11th Bishop Gilpin C

12th Bishop Gilpin B

13th Holy Trinity A

14th Wimbledon Park A

15th All Saints A

16th Dundonald B

17th Holy Trinity B

18th Pelham B


The four schools who qualify for the Best Team Finals this Friday are;

Dundonald, Wimbledon Chase, Garfield & Bishop Gilpin, congratulations to those teams.

 The REFSPECT winners were All Saints who were very respectful of all the other teams throughout the tournament, respected the referee’s decision, this was their third REFPSECT win of the year, and it is only December, well done All Saints for setting the right example!

 A massive thank you to the Raynes Park leaders who don’t usually help at Wimbledon Events but kindly volunteered themselves to help at the event today, you were brilliant as ever and we look forward to having you at our events after Christmas!


Thank you also to Raynes Park High for allowing us to use your venue, it is a brilliant surface and helped the children unleash their full ability this afternoon, we look forward to using your facilities again in the future!

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